About Towsive

Towsive has been many things. We’ve made movies, we’ve made music and we’ve made some serious fun. We’ve had a ranch that was called Towsive Ranch and we’ve had some seriously messed up people working with us.

The name Towsive is a special name for me, but I won’t tell you where it comes from; that’s for me to know. But it’s an awesome name and one most people don’t forget easily. After the making of our last film we decided to shut things down for a while. It was ideal but necessary, but in the interim we have created wonderful new worlds and renewed our vigor for the lust of life and entertainment.

We are not your usual bunch of people, but we are good folk. And if anyone says differently, I will stick my foot so far up their ass they will cry shoestrings.

All in all, that’s all there is.

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